Webinar session for all professionals and leaders alike. Wrapped with interactive live video format and filled with practical strategies, it is designed to inspire participants to create a better impact through their role and be beneficial in their career journey; all from the comfort of a virtual interface.

Our Evergrowing Webinar Topics

Start embracing ‘new normal’ by reframing your mindset with positivity and mental toughness in order to focus on thriving in the face of uncertainties and ambiguities

Make your presence louder as a leader and elevate your team engagement to help render this unfamiliar working condition conducive for everyone.

Maintaining a healthy team performance and morale in the midst of uncertainty by utilizing various leadership approach that allows the team to overcome uncertainty more effectively.

Learn to create efficient and engaging virtual coordination in “Working From Home” situation, where quality is more important than quantity in communication.

Managing disruption by strengthening creativity and changing our old ways of working to explore new things to drive business continuity.

Creating a more impactful virtual collaboration to overcome difficult situations, as well as limited mobility and resources, by  strengthening teamwork and facilitating each other’s needs.

Working virtually without being distant by strengthening empathy of your team’s well-being; understanding their emotion, feeling of anxiety, and needs to feel psychologically safe during the difficult situation.

Make wiser decision in this peculiar situation by utilizing different decision-making approach that accepts uncertainty and flexibility.

Maintain productivity in the middle of “Working From Home” situation by creating new work patterns that balance work tasks with responsibilities at home.

Maintain team’s trust and responsibility in the middle of remote working situation that limits direct interaction, by making rules based on trust, connection, and a sense of belonging.

Leverage our way of thinking to maintain optimal results regardless of limited resources by focusing on what is owned.

Begin to change the mindset and feelings as a victim of a pandemic to take advantage of existing obstacles as opportunities to create breakthroughs.

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