Enhancing Your Resilience & Well-Being

Is it possible to be a credible professional and a happy human being at the same time? It is possible if we know the strategy and have the necessary supporting system. Before we discuss about external sup- porting system, let us ensure that we have what it takes to be credible and happy. Therefore, we need to enhance our resilience to have a good fighting spirit and be able to break through the difficult chal-lenges while at the same time enhancing our well-being to keep us in a good mental, physical, and social state, especially in the setting of virtual or hybrid work environment.

Targeted Outcomes

  1. Able to implement the right mindset and attitude to be resilient.
  2. Able to stay happy and healthy while keeping our best performance at work.

Specific Program Benefit

Relevant case study and post-webinar implementation.

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