why our people development programs?
Impact Oriented

Impact Oriented

Skills and knowledge are not important except in the impact on others. Therefore, we emphasize on the impact that you can create by improving your capabilities. Ready to make significant impacts on your team, organization, and community?


Tailored To Your Objectives

Tailored To Your Objectives

A man in a well-tailored suit will always shine brighter than a guy in an off-the-rack suit. So does people development programs; we know that every organization has different goals and challenges. Our solutions are meticulously tailored to reach your specific objectives.


Co-Creating Experience

Co-Creating Experience

Ownership is not limited to material things, it can also apply to points of view and learning process. As your discussion partner, we will share thoughts to be challenged by you and we will positively challenge your ideas and perspectives.


why daily meaning

The 3 leafed clovers symbolize the core value Daily Meaning, which is the spirit to reach a state that is balanced and optimal. We believe that this should exist in the working life and day to day living, making career journey and work as more than just a source of daily bread.

what they say about us

Daily Meaning Team able to put together and facilitate an outstanding Leadership Forum for the Top Management in Ericsson Indonesia. Absolutely a business relationship & partnership you can count on!

Sam Saba, Head of CU, Ericsson Indonesia

I would like to say ‘proficiat’ to the Daily Meaning team because you can make each and every trainee believe in every word and advice you give. There were no trainee complaints for this training. By knowing the background of each participant’s job description, the training feels much more ‘effective’. Since there is a small age gap between the trainer and the trainee, the trainees felt like they are engaging in a discussion with a friend. Daily Meaning is excellent, keep up the good work and do evolve constantly

Eddy Anthony, President Director, Mastersystem Infotama
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