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Becoming a Future-Ready Professional

Nearly one in three skills needed for a job in 2018 will not be needed by 2022 due to rapidly changing environment and continuously evolving in-demand skills. Even with this fact, there are complacent people who are satisfied with their current competencies without realizing that they are getting left behind and might not be able to catch up with the com- petition. Complacency is a threat for individual’s growth and compa- ny’s growth. Therefore, companies need to ensure that their employees are willing to grow themselves independently, so that they can be ready to face future competition and company’s needs.

Targeted Outcomes

  1. Able to be aware and understand of current circumstances (our level of competency, market condition, etc), and future demands and challenges.
  2. Able to develop “ready to learn” mindset and attitude.
  3. Able to implement plan and strategy to develop ourselves.

Specific Program Benefit

Relevant case study and post-webinar implementation.

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