Zurich Insurance Strategy – Optimizing Organization Performance through People Development

Zurich Insurance strategy has yielded them success over the long term. The strategy draws on their purpose and values. It builds on Zurich’s unique footprints, solid financial position, balanced portfolio, trusted brand, and the expertise of its people. In this article, We are going to discuss Zurich’s strategy and what makes them successful.

Zurich Insurance Group

Zurich Insurance Group is a global insurer with local and international clients. It provides a wide range of general insurance and health insurance. Additionally, It is serving individuals, small and medium businesses, big businesses, and multinational companies. Though Its headquarter is in Swiss, It currently serves more than 210 countries and regions including Indonesia.

Zurich Indonesia handles Zurich Group’s operations in Indonesia. It aims to create sustainability values by focusing on Its knowledge and ensuring the best performance. Additionally, Zurich Indonesia currently provides life insurance, general insurance (conventional), and general insurance (Syariah). It is operated through PT Zurich Topas Life, PT Zurich Asuransi Indonesia Tbk, and PT Zurich General Tafakul Indonesia.

Zurich Insurance Strategy

Zurich always makes sure to have a clear strategy developed for all of Its stakeholders. The strategy consists of three long-term strategies. Firstly, It aims to prioritize the focus on consumers and be a truly customer-led company. Secondly, Zurich always tries to simplify Its business and operations to make better use of Its resource. Finally, Zurich are adapting to always meet and exceed customers’ expectations and needs.

A Tailored-Made Program

Zurich trusted Daily Meaning to lead the people development program since 2017. The program is targeted to Managerial Level and Management Trainee. The objective is to enhance the company’s performance by focusing on Its employees’ capabilities.

In order to achieve the target, Daily Meaning breaks down the target into specified actions and goals. Firstly, Daily Meaning conducted a Training Needs Analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s current status and needs. Aside from that, Training Needs Analysis also contributed to building a mind map to identify the real challenge.

The initial analysis then embodied the final program as it allows Daily Meaning to develop a tailored based program to answer the company’s needs. Daily Meaning concluded that to enhance employees’ capabilities, They would need to strengthen employees’ soft skills and technical skills. Based on that conclusion, Daily Meaning created and delivered six big topics for Zurich People Development. The topics include people manager essentials, Oxygen Deep Dives, internal consulting skills, business communication and project management. In total, Daily Meaning has successfully delivered 22 sessions.

Key benefit of the program

Daily Meaning strives to provide our best performance. And our partnership with Zurich yields satisfying results in 100% positive feedback from the participant (based on our participant survey). Among them, 45% said the programs are useful and practical for daily use. The other 55% were having fun and insightful sessions.

Our partnership also helped employees to create impactful framework for change management and impactful communication.

Another key benefit from the program is being able to create practical implementation to enhance the team’s collaboration process. It helped to create impactful frameworks for change management and impactful communication.

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