Zurich – Optimizing Organization Performance through People Development

Zurich is one of the leading insurance company in the world. It has been serving Indonesia society ranging from individual customers, Small Medium Enterprise, and corporation by providing general insurance solution for 27 years. Due to a competitive business environment, Zurich strives to optimize their organization performance to be more innovative and competitive through empowering their people.

A Tailored-Made Program

Zurich trusted Daily Meaning to lead the people development program in 2017 targeted for Managerial Level and Management Trainee. In order to achieve Zurich objective to increase the company performance, Daily Meaning conducted a Training Needs Analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding of company needs and objective and mind mapping the real challenge. The result and analysis will support Daily Meaning to develop and deliver a tailored based program to answer the company needs. The program that delivered for Zurich People Development focuses not only to strengthen their soft skill but also technical skill in order to deliver an impactful work result. There were six big topics delivered for Zurich People Development Result which is, people manager essentials, Oxygen Deep Dives, internal consulting skills, business communication and project management. The program was successfully delivered in 22 sessions.

Key benefit of the program

  • 100% positive feedback from the participants, with 45 % said the learnings are useful and practical, and 55 % said the process was fun and insightful. (based on Daily Meaning Participant Survey).
  • Outputs are practical implementation of the collaboration processes, such as impactful frameworks for change management and impactful communication.