Astra Honda Motor – Sailing To The Next Level

PT Astra Honda Motor or also known as AHM started as a pioneer in Indonesia’s motorcycle industry. And just in 2022, they are ready to send their electric bike for the G20 Bali Summit Event.

But their journey comes with time and a huge effort from AHM’s team. We want to dive further into their journey, and what makes them successful. We would also discuss Daily Meaning’s partnership with AHM!

Brief History of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM)

AHM’s operation started on 11th June 1971 with the name PT Federal Motor. They became a pioneer in Indonesia’s motorcycle industry. The first motorcycle they produced was sold for 1500 in the first year and jumped to 30 thousand in the years to come.

Then in 1981, they had been progressing to produce 1 million motorcycles on Honda’s brand. And as their consumer flourished, they decided to establish a second plant at Pegangsaan and increased their production to 2 million units per year in 1996.

In 2001, PT Federal Motor and several of their subsidiaries settle on a merger with the name PT Astra Honda Motor. After that, they established their third plant in Cikarang to increase their production further.

Afterward, in 2010 they introduced the firm’s philosophy One Heart or Satu Hati, which conveys deep relationship between rider and their ride.

The commitment continued to develop. Nowadays, the firm has been committing to work on environmentally-friendly vehicles. They had also managed to enter the international market including Asia and America.

PT Astra Honda Motor’s Goals and Achievements

AHM has the vision to be a market leader in Indonesia’s motorcycle Industry, as well as a player in the international market.  To do so, they are trying to create a mobility solution for the community with the best product and service.

Their performance has been recognized by many others. Over the years, they received multiple recognition such as being one of Top Brand, Most Recommended Word of Mouth Marketing, and many others.

Surely, to achieve such prestigious awards would require hard work and commitment. That’s where Daily Meaning jumped in to help ensure AHM achieves maximum work results.

Daily Meaning’s Satisfactory Partnership with PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM)

Aligned with the objective, AHM and Daily Meaning had been working together to strengthen the role of senior-level employees, especially in leading and maintaining credibility.

Our partnership started with a program to strengthen the role of supervisors in ensuring smooth working process of their teams. Our goal is to make those supervisors able to lead and motivate their teams to achieve maximum work results.

Since 2015, Daily Meaning had delivered a total of 7 batches of training for the supervisory-level and keeps counting.

Parallel to the supervisory-level training, We also designed training for the managerial level in 2015. This program aimed at strengthening the credibility at the managerial level in order to foster change and drive business performance, by always having a “can do” mindset.

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