Building Workforce Resilience 3.0: Optimizing Your Team’s Response to Change

How well can we embrace change? How do we respond to change? Since 2020, we have been learning that our condition can change dras- tically at any time. Our change receptivity determines how we embrace and respond to changes. If we do not have a good change receptivity, then we might be resistant against the change which will slow down our response and disrupt our progress. Consequently, we will get left behind. Therefore, in order to thrive in 2022, we need to optimize our team’s change receptivity to have an excellent response to change.

Targeted Outcomes

  1. Able to have the right mindset and attitude in dealing with change.
  2. Able to create a sense of urgency to respond change effectively and efficiently.
  3. Able to respond to change with creativity and innovation.

Specific Program Benefit

Personal worksheet and post-webinar implementation.

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