Prudential Indonesia – Strengthening Credibility and Customer Centricity

PT Prudential Life Assurance (Prudential Indonesia) was established in 1995 as part of Prudential plc, a leading financial services group in the UK which has more than 167 years experience in life insurance industry. Prudential as one of leading insurance companies in Indonesia, commits to always provide the best financial service and solution for their customer.

The partnership between Daily Meaning and Prudential was begun in 2011 when Daily Meaning delivered the “Work-Life Balance” seminar. This partnership then continues in 2013 for several development programs, that are “Embracing Partnership” and “Becoming an Impactful Leader” program for their customer care, and also “The Beautiful Mind in Collaboration” seminar which conducted in 2 batches.

Because of Prudential’s need to keep giving the best service experience and also due to the beautiful collaboration from the previous programs, this partnership is still continuing until now. In 2015, through “Impactful Communication” program which has been held in 3 bathces, Daily Meaning helped the Operation Solution Center team to strengthen their credibility and optimize their role in giving added values for their stakeholders. In 2016, Daily Meaning also facilitated the leadership programs which aimed to strengthen the roles of the team leader in 2 batches.

Daily Meaning also helped optimizing role and service quality of the Policy Holder Service team through “Leading the +1” seminar for all the team leaders and managerial level in 2 batches. There are also 2 development programs for the Finance team, that are “Credible & Reliable Finance Team” for the staff level and “Leading Change” for the managerial level which aimed to develop them to be a strategic partner for their stakeholders based on future finance demand. To answer the organization need in creating significant progress and impact, Daily Meaning also created the practical tools for leader and management to monitor internally the implementation progress of the leadership initiatives after the programs for OSC, PHS, and Finance team.