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Danamon Bisa Awards is an internal award for those who are continually applying Danamon’s cultural values & service excellence. Danamon (along with Daily Meaning) created the award to drive employees’ motivation so they can achieve better results and work better. Before we can discuss further on the award, let us know better about Bank Danamon.

Bank Danamon Brief History

PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk was created on 1956 as Bank Kopra Indonesia. Then, in 1976, they changed their name to PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, and 12 years later they became the first foreign exchange bank in Indonesia.

Through the years, they had been changing ownership. First in 1989, they went public by selling stocks on the stock exchange. Then the government took over ownership when the Asia financial crisis happened in 1998. Afterward, in 2003, Asia Financial (Indonesia) Pte. Ltd. had taken over ownership by buying major stocks from the government. Now, MUFG owns the majority stock.

Their journey didn’t end there. Over the years, they acquired Adira Finance, American Express (Indonesia), and many others. They had also released a mobile banking application called “D-Mobile”. And in 2020, they became a public bank based on their business activities. Today, they serve 34 provinces with 846 branches with more than 60.000 ATM.

Bank Danamon Aspiration and Achievements

They have the vision to help millions of people to achieve well-being. To achieve that vision, they have three missions. First, they are determined to be a prominent financial institution in Indonesia. Second, they believed that their strength derived from the financial intermediation in economics to create prosperity and well-being. Third, they want to establish a good reputation in order to optimize their role in economics.

Numerous publications had given them recognition for their hard work and dedication. In 2015, WOW Service Excellence Award Markplus, Inc. awarded them as “The Best Champion”. Just in 2020, they received multiple recognition for being the Best Digital Bank, Best Employer Brand Awards, and recognition for their CSR. And in 2021, they received first rank (category Buku 4 bank) for their satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement. They also became the Most Popular Digital Financial Brands by millennials’ choice.

Danamon also held its own internal award event in order to keep the service quality and achieve the organization’s goals. Danamon, collaborating with Daily Meaning, held the biggest annual internal award event, which is called “Danamon BISA! Awards”.

Danamon Bisa Award, Collaboration Between Daily Meaning and Danamon

Danamon Bisa Award is an award for Danamon’s employees and its subsidiaries who are continually applying Danamon cultural values in their daily work and service excellence spirit in their service to customers. Daily Meaning along with Danamon created the judging process from the initial screening until choosing the final awardees. Daily Meaning also facilitated an inspiring session for the finalists which aimed to strengthen the finalists in giving added value to the stakeholders through their presentation during the final judging process.

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