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HM Indonesia is part of a multinational clothing company. Its strategy focuses on fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers, and children. Through their years of operation, HM Indonesia established a partnership with Daily Meaning to inspire change through people.

H&M Brief History

H&M Group had begun operating in the fashion industry in 1947, with more than 70 years of experience in the fashion industry. Evidently, they already spread their market to 75 geographical markets with more than 4,000 stores. One of which is H&M Indonesia, which open their first store at Jakarta in 2013.

Their commitment is to create sustainable, good-quality fashion accessible to as many people as possible. To achieve that commitment, H&M’s goals are leading the change, circularity and climate, fair and equality.

H&M values are based on respect for the individual and a belief in people’s ability to use their initiative. These values helped them to create an open and down-to-earth corporate culture that promotes collaboration and an entrepreneurial spirit, and where everyone can make a difference. This values-driven way of working dates back to the days of H&M Group’s founder, Erling Persson, and continues to play a very important part in our sustainable development.

Over the years, many institutions had awarded H&M Group for their marvelous contribution. For example, just in 2022, Fashion Revolution–a not-for-profit global movement–ranked H&M for being the 4th top fashion brand accountable and transparent. Another came from Textile Exchange which rated H&M as one of the leading companies in their 2021 Material Change Leaderboard

HM Indonesia Strategy and Daily Meaning’s Contributions

We started the program in 2014. The program started as a workshop that talked about “Strengthening Your Credibility”. We used the program to improve employees’ credibility, especially when communicating with stakeholders.

Then, the partnership continued in 2015 and 2016 with several programs with tailored purposes. An example includes “Impact Driven Professional” workshop. Which aimed to improve the capability of the team to give added values to their stakeholders.

In 2017, Daily Meaning also helped H&M Indonesia to achieve its production vision by by developing the “Strengthening Our Analytical Thinking” workshop. Through this workshop, Daily Meaning helped H&M professionals to enhance their analytical and critical thinking abilities. Daily Meaning also helped improve H&M’s capability to sell its ideas to the stakeholders.

By now, the partnership had grown into several types of programs, each designed to fulfill specific needs. The first is “Strengthening Your Credibility” which had been delivered in 8 batches. Another one is “Strengthening Our Analytical Thinking” which had been delivered in 3 Batches. And the last is “Impact Driven Professional” with total of 5 batches.

HM Indonesia Strategy of Partnership Output

The result of our partnership was closely monitored to make sure We meet H&M’s needs. The output of this partnership includes practical implementation of the collaboration process. Now, employees are able to use impactful frameworks for analytical thinking. They are also able to apply mindsets to drive innovation. And they are able to establish an impactful communication process.

The partnership between H&M Indonesia and Daily Meaning had given satisfactory results. Based on the participant survey, the partnership resulted in 100% positive feedback from the participants.

Their feedback varies, with 30% saying the process was fun and engaging. Then, 39% said the learnings are useful and practical. Lastly, 31% said the approach was insightful and provided a better perspective.


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