Ericsson Indonesia – 9 Years Impactful Journey With Daily Meaning

ericsson Indonesia

Ericsson is a multinational leading provider of Information Communication and Technology founded in Sweden. They provide a game-changing technology and service that is up to date and make the world connected. For years, Ericsson Indonesia has brought significant impact for the advancement of technology and people’s life.

A Long-Term Strategic Partnership Between Ericsson Indonesia and Daily Meaning

Ericsson Indonesia had officially established themselves in 1996. And Ericsson Indonesia started their partnership with Daily Meaning just 13 years later in 2009.  Along the years, Daily Meaning has helped Ericsson Indonesia to build their employee capability through more than 15 programs and 90 batches delivered.

Professional Credibility and Brand Image for Ericsson Indonesia

In 2018, Ericsson trusted Daily Meaning to be their strategic partner in building their people capability through a series of programs on various topics. The programs are aimed to strengthen people’s soft skill and technical skill using a practical framework and case study that has been researched and tailored to meet client needs. Just in 2018, We had delivered topics about Professional Lobbying, Strategical and Critical Thinking, Beyond Time Management, Professional Credibility and Brand Image, High Impact Communication, and Business Presentation Workshop.

The first program discussed Professional Credibility and Brand Image. Daily Meaning designed the workshop to help the participant to appreciate themselves and their roles. Through this workshop, Daily Meaning aimed for the participant to be able to create their professional brand image and strengthen their capability through applicative and framework and relevant case study.

Key Benefit of the Collaborations

Daily Meaning had received positive feedback from the Participants. With 26% participant said that the learning was interesting, fun and engaging. 33% regarded the training was impactful and insightful with relevant cases and exercise. And 40% of the participants said that the framework was applicative to be implemented in their works.


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