PT. Puls Trading Far East Ltd. (H&M Indonesia) – Inspire Change Through People

H&M Indonesia opens its first store at Jakarta in 2013 as a part of the H&M group, one of the best fashion companies based in Sweden, which has more than 70 years experience in the fashion industries. As one of the leading fashion companies in Indonesia, H&M Indonesia commits to create a sustainable, good-quality fashion accessible to as many people as possible.

The partnership between Daily Meaning and H&M Indonesia was first begun in 2014, when Daily Meaning delivered the “Strengthening Your Credibility” workshop. This partnership then continues in 2015 and 2016 for several development programs, for instance is the “Impact Driven Professional” workshop, which aim to improve the capability of the team to give added values for their stakeholders, so they can drive better business results.

In 2017, Daily meaning also helped H&M Indonesia to achieve their production vision: together we are proud to create worlds leading production, that delivers irresistable and sustainable fashion for all, by developing the “Strengthening Our Analytical Thinking” workshop. Through this workshop, Daily Meaning helps the H&M professionals to enhance their analytical and critical thinking ability, as well as improving their capability to sell their ideas to the stakeholders.

Key Takeaways:

  • 100% positive feedback from the participants, with 30 % said the process was fun and engaging, 39 % said the learnings are useful and practical, 31% said the approach was insightful and providing a better perspective. (based on Daily Meaning Participant Survey).
  • Partnership grown into several types of programs, designed to fit a specific need: “Strengthening Your Credibility” (8 batches), “Strengthening Our Analytical Thinking” (3 Batches), and “Impact Driven Professional” (5 Batches)
  • Outputs are practical implementation of the collaboration processes, such as impactful frameworks for analytical thinkings, applicable mindsets to drive innovation, and exercises to establish an impactful communication process.