Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

We can solve problems easily but struggle to make a decision, or we can also make decision but without actually solving the problems. Problem-solving and decision-making are two different key skills which we need to master simultaneously to make a better decision which will accurately solve our issues and fulfill our needs. Companies filled with professionals who can implement smart and effective prob- lem-solving decision-making will be able to find the real root cause of issues, solve the issues accurately, and make better decision faster to create a significant impact.

Targeted Outcomes

  1. Able to implement the right mindset and attitude in problem-solving and decision-making.
  2. Able to implement the right steps to formulate problems, analyze problems, and generate alternative solutions when doing problem-solving.
  3. Able to perform good and smart decision-making process to get the most impactful decision.

Specific Program Benefit

Self-assessment, relevant case study, and post-workshop implementation.

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