Fostering Effective Collaboration

Business is all about collaboration, not only about working at the same place, but also working together interdependently towards the same goal. Effective collaboration is not talking about how we can achieve our target, but how we can enjoy the process along the way to avoid getting burnout or conflict in the team. Additionally, the implementa- tion of hybrid work might present a new challenge in collaborating effectively. Therefore, sense of belonging, clear and shared vision, good understanding of each other, and trust are necessary for a team or a company to have an effective collaboration.

Targeted Outcomes

  1. Able to treat co-workers/teammates properly when collaborating.
  2. Able to work interdependently in the team.
  3. Able to navigate through challenges together with the team.
  4. Able to build and develop trust in the team.

Specific Program Benefit

Self-assessment, relevant case study, and post-workshop implementation.

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