High Impact Communication

Miscoordination, conflict, inefficient and ineffective process at work can occur due to one similar root cause which is poor communication. Nowadays, good communication skill is not enough, we need to level up to high impact communication which can speed up process at work, increase efficiency and effectiveness of our work, enhance our pres-ence at work, and engage our stakeholders to drive business growth. Moreover, high impact communication will enable us to cooperate better even if we have generation gap with our colleague.

Targeted Outcomes

  1. Able to communicate as a “business partner” who can understand the audience’s needs and point of view.
  2. Able to engage your audience and push “the right button” to create mutual partnership.
  3. Able to use “Talking Filters” when interacting with our colleague.
  4. Able to leverage our information to insights which will give added value in our communication.

Specific Program Benefit

Self-assessment, relevant case study, and post-workshop implementation.

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