Accelerating Innovation

In the current VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, complexity, and Ambigui- ty) business environment, change and innovation are no longer option- al- they are a must. While facing the constant wave of disruptions in technology and consumer demands can be difficult, companies can only thrive if their professionals embrace disruption as an opportunity to innovate and ride the challenge instead of resisting change. With this in mind, fostering professionals to have a positive mindset for change is key to organizational resilience.

Targeted Outcomes

  1. Becoming a more change-resilient professional by being capable in facing and overcoming the uncertainties of change.
  2. Able to innovate to leverage the opportunities of change and sustain business performance despite the threats of change.

Specific Program Benefit

Self-assessment, relevant case study, and post-workshop implementation.

Bounce Forward
To Evolve

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