Investree – Our First Full-interactive Communication Online Workshop

As a pioneering peer-to-peer lending marketplace, Investree aims to optimize its organization’s performance to win over a competitive business environment by empowering its people. To achieve their goals, Investree needs all its employees to collaborate effectively as one team to achieve Investree’s ambitious goal. Effective communication becomes one of the most essential keys for Investree to strengthen their collaboration

Due to current issues related to the spreading of Covid-19, we have to turn or in-class training programs into an online workshop, hence Daily Meaning created its first-ever online workshop class. With our new approach, we have created an engaging and co-creating approach Wrapped with the interactive live video format and filled with practical strategies to help participants of Investree to gain their capabilities in communication.

This communication online workshop designed to enhance ways in communication into more positively and professionally among employees to improve the quality of partnerships or collaboration in Investree, especially across divisions by :

  • Showing credibility by bringing impact when communicating with stakeholders
  • Develop a way of thinking when receiving and giving messages to make an impactful communication
  • Becoming a mature communicator by embracing others’ styles in communicating
  • Understanding the Art of giving and receiving constructive feedback to empower team members