Emergent Leadership with Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia Airlines has become one of the biggest airline companies in Indonesia. Currently, they serve more than 90 destinations all around the world, with more than 600 flights per day. Within their years of service, Garuda Indonesia had received numerous prestigious awards. That includes being the Best Airline in Indonesia from 2017 to 2020. Also an award from Skytrax for being the World’s Most Loved Airline.

Surely, their journey requires hard work and dedication. Along the way, Daily Meaning has proudly become Garuda Indonesia’s partner to promote Emergent Leadership. Let’s talk more about it!

Garuda Indonesia Airlines Profile

Garuda has been operating for more than 70 years with their unique concept of delivering “Garuda Indonesia Experience” by adapting “Indonesian Hospitality”. Furthermore, Garuda has the vision to become a sustainable aviation group by connecting Indonesia and beyond while delivering Indonesian hospitality.

In order to accomplish that vision, Garuda’s mission is to strengthen business fundamentals through strong revenue growth, cost leadership implementation, organization effectiveness, and group synergy reinforcement while focusing on a high standard of safety and customer-oriented services delivered by professional & passionate employees.

Because they are a state-owned enterprise, their corporate culture follows the ministry of SOE’s Core Values. The core values were Trustworthy, Competent, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive, and Collaborative. Furthermore, their yearly strategy (in 2021) was Fixing the Basics. Thus, the organizational development focuses on agile and dynamic function to win long-term business competition. One of which, they implement by collaborating with Daily Meaning.

Garuda Partnership with Daily Meaning

The partnership between Garuda and Daily Meaning began in 2008. The goal was to provide added values for employees’ interpersonal roles. Thus, Daily Meaning developed a program called “Emergent Leadership”. Daily Meaning designed the program to enhance employees’ engagement and to help provide strategic solutions to any challenges faced by Garuda.

The practical logics used in the development of emergent leadership are:


Daily Meaning also designed the “Becoming a Credible Leader” program. We specially designed the program to stimulate improvement of Garuda Indonesia’s performance to become the 5-stars Airlines. Also, when developing the program, Daily Meaning ensure it aligns with Garuda Indonesia’s strategies and objectives.

Daily Meaning then intensively executed the program in 18 batches. The program was delivered from 2008 until 2011. Consequently, Daily Meaning delivered the program to the Station Managers, Operation Managers, Cabin Crew chiefs, OC teams, Flight Operation Officers, Go Team, and also in multiple roles at Group Head level, VP, and Senior Manager.

Since 2012, Daily Meaning had delivered the Emergent Leadership program to the Management Trainees in 5 batches through a program called “The 5-Star Credible Professional”. We designed the program to fasten the achievement process through the Management Trainees roles and contributions.

Daily Meaning felt such gratitude to hear Garuda Indonesia was appointed to be a 4-star Airline in January 2010m and thereafter became a 5-Star Airline in December 2014. A long and difficult journey indeed, but it could be provenly achieved well by Garuda Indonesia. Proud of you!

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