Andri Saputra

Andri Saputra is an Analyst in Daily Meaning.

He graduated cum laude from Atma Jaya Catholic University with Bachelor Degree in Psychology. His passion for learning and people development keeps growing since his early college years. During college, he actively joined student organizations, became assistant lecturer, and participating in multiple psychology competitions.

Before graduating college, he became associate facilitator at multiple training consultants. He further developed his people development experience by working full-time as project officer and facilitator at Aethra Learning Center. These experiences strengthen his ability and passion in designing and delivering insightful learning programs.

He believes that the meaning of life is to help other people grow and become the best version of themselves. He also believes that willingness to learn plays a significant part in creating a fulfilling and impactful life.

Outside work, he enjoys listening to music and teaching piano lessons. He also has an interest in psychological testing and social psychology.


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