Maria Vivekaviarti

Maria Vivekaviarti is an Analyst in Daily Meaning.

Ever since her teenage days, she has found her calling to be actively involved in people development through interactive learning. Her passion led her to obtain her Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia. During college, she tried to maximize her experience by joining several student organizations and being actively involved in various learning facilitation programs, particularly under the theme of health psychology, counseling and writing.

She previously also worked as Assistant to Vice Rector of Academic Affairs in her alma mater, through which she gained helicopter view of learning management from  managing public and students’ concerns, designing learning objectives and facilitating learning process. She later on sharpened her focus on learning in organizational context through her work as consultant for almost two years, managing clients from various industries, such as education, hospitality, manufacture and Oil and Gas.

Outside work, she enjoys music and literature which catalyzed her creativity. She believes that her meaning of life is to help people maximize their potential by promoting talent development and mental health advocacy in micro and macro level through written and oral medium.