Haris Ali Akbar is an Analyst in Daily Meaning

He graduated First Class Honours from Monash University Malaysia with Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering, specializing in sustainable development.

He has been developing his talent consulting abilities through his experience as a Management Trainee at an FMCG manufacturing company, where he practiced technical competency development and job analysis; and as a Recruitment Consultant at a US-based HR-services firm, specializing in finding and assessing technical or engineering talents.

As an Analyst at Daily Meaning, he is determined to partner with clients in creating performance-relevant and context-specific programs through deep understanding of needs and empathetic imagination of solutions. Ultimately, he aspires to deliver meaningful insights that can inspire development in others.

Outside of work, he is a passionate fan for psychology, a nerd for cinema and dramatic analysis, and an explorer of ideas in organizational behavior, social sciences, and spirituality.