Adisty Ghaisani M. is an  Analyst in Daily Meaning

She graduated cum laude from University of UNIKA Atma Jaya with Bachelor Degree in Psychology. She developed her skills in designing and implementing people development program with her experiences in organization and several projects during her college year.

She found her passion in people development program as she continues to  pursue new experience to gain a more profound knowledge in people development area. She started her first job as junior consultant in Daya Dimensi Indonesia and associate life skill trainer in Aethra Learning Center. From that she has developed her skill in designing and developing development programs to several clients with diverse characteristics.

Through all of her experiences, she believes that life is a never-ending learning process, Each persons are built to grow and maximize their potentials. People development program provide a safe yet challenging environment to experimenting and acknowledge their strength as they embrace their shortcomings.