Our Seminar series caters a wide array of people development topics, each made to inspire impact-oriented professionals.

Credible Professional Development

A beautiful mind at work keeps your professionals and your company healthy. This program aims to shape such a beautiful mind whereby professionals can manage their mindset more positively to create meaning and impact at the workplace, thereby becoming a happier and more productive employee.

In today’s highly competitive environment, companies must strive to consistently deliver ‘irreplaceable’ added values to customers. This starts by having professionals committed to be irreplaceable themselves. This program discusses the strategies on becoming irreplaceable by giving unique contributions that advance company objectives.

High levels of performance can be unleashed from passionate and fulfilled employees. To achieve such, this program introduces a Japanese concept called ‘IKIGAI’, meaning the “reason for being”, which helps professionals in rediscovering the ‘why’ behind their jobs. Ultimately, IKIGAI enables a powerful self-motivation to achieve the very best.

Remarkable business results are not driven individually, but rather by a network of professionals helping each other to advance company goals. In such companies, professionals focus not only on delivering individual roles like a ‘do-er’, but also to be beneficial for others as a business enabler. To achieve such mindset, this program focuses on strategies to create added values for all company stakeholders.

In today’s fast-changing environment, organizations not only need human resources, but also resourceful human. In order to become a resourceful human as a professional, one needs to be excellent in ‘riding two horses’ i.e. in daily operations as well as in innovating for continuous improvement or change. The main purpose of this program is to enable professionals in ‘riding two horses’ for optimal performance and growth.

A credible company is formed by credible professionals; professionals who are more concerned with the added-values they deliver than the capabilities or status they have. This program helps professionals strengthen their personal branding, which in turn also enhance the company’s positive brand image among stakeholders.

Trustworthy market players are powered by professionals who are consistent in their professional integrity. By encouraging a deep respect for ethics and etiquette, this program aims to empower professionals in building trust and solid partnerships that are beneficial for the company and all the stakeholders involved.

How do we encourage professionals to be more productive at work? Based on recent research, mindfulness is the key to significantly improve personal productivity. This program introduces the concept of mindfulness as a way to be more aware towards surrounding realities and hence more effective in solving everyday problems.

Companies who desire continuous growth could benefit from employees committed to life-long learning. However, creating a culture of self-motivated growth is always challenging for any organization. This program helps professionals ‘automate’ their self-developing habits in a practical but powerful way. 

According to research, gender diversity, especially in leadership roles, helps make companies more profitable. Because of this, helping women to achieve work-home balance and feel comfortable at the workplace is undeniably important for company success. This program is aimed to empower women in overcoming the challenges typically faced as they strive to achieve success both at work and at home.

Companies that value and strive to enable work-life integration for their employees are likely to benefit from a healthier, more engaged, and hence more effective workforce, which focuses more on ‘winning’ instead of merely ‘surviving’.  In order to realize such work-life integration without compromising company productivity, this program is designed to encourage optimum performance with efficient management of both professional and personal life.

Effective Collaboration

In today’s complex business environment, challenges are best resolved through interdependency; independence is no longer sustainable and dependence has never been so destructive. In consequence, leaders must be capable in fostering interdependent collaboration through 360° leadership; with such leadership, team members lead up, lead down, and lead across to drive high performance together.

The success of companies today are built upon the synergy among different generations, balancing innovation with tradition to make a difference in the market. This program explores the unique characteristics of the 4 generations in today’s professional world to enable effective cross-generational collaboration that leads to breakthrough team performance.

Positive Organization

Happiness at work is crucial not only for employee wellbeing, but also for company performance. A safe and positive work environment allows people to perform their very best without being hindered by negative workplace issues. To create such environment, however, starts from every individual. The Law of The Garbage Truck empowers every individual be more proactive in maintaining positivity at work.

Nowadays, many organizations have left the conventional performance management systems in favour of the more impactful performance motivation. This program aims to show that the key to inspiring maximum performance is not by scoring or giving standardized feedback, but by creating intrinsic motivation that benefits both the employee and the organization.

In today’s digital and global era, not everyone is aware of the new form of harassment & bullying behaviour, especially at work. If left overlooked, its impact on employee stress levels would lead to worsening employee health and productivity. This program helps professionals with strategies to overcome this issue that threatens employee morale.

Personal Management

With jobs getting more complex, overtime and burnout issues have become common in many companies. This condition happens due to employees having ‘not enough time’. However, instead of helping it with time management, it could be helped more accurately with energy management.. To help employees stay efficient and healthy in the workplace, this program is focused on discussing strategies to manage our ‘Body, Emotion, Mind, and Spirit’ energy as a daily habit.

Many business initiatives fail simply due to a lack of prioritization or focus on the things that matter most. Because of this, companies must empower their employees to be more effective in setting priorities and accomplishing them with efficient action plans. This program is designed to give professionals the tools to be more strategic in managing tasks based on their importance and urgency.

Change Management

As change becomes the inevitable certainty in today’s VUCA business environment, resisting change is only counter-productive and even detrimental to business success. With this condition, it becomes apparent that embracing change is the key to making the unpredictable future manageable. On that note, this programs aims to instil in professionals a mindset that positively accepts, confronts, and leverages change into an opportunity for company improvement.

Service Excellence

Considering today’s easily saturated markets, constantly giving the best experience to customers is key for differentiation and winning their loyalty. Beyond delivering standard services and procedures, giving a positive customer experience means optimizing one’s role to exceed customer and stakeholder expectations whenever possible. This program is designed to awaken the spirit of customer-centricity in the heart of employees so that companies continue to be a favorite among their customers.

Impactful Communication

Business progress happens when bright and passionate employees are able to sell their ideas to the organization; by selling and not telling, they are able to create the stakeholder buy-in necessary to turn their ideas into reality. Unfortunately, many great ideas get stuck in shelves as they are not communicated in a way that gets them realized. With this in mind, by empowering professionals to impactfully sell their ideas, companies may see more progress, innovation, and growth happening at the workplace.

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