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Job Vacancy: People Development Consultant
Job Vacancy: People Development Consultant
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Dear friends and partners,

How are you? Hope you are having a powerful day!

With our vision to change the world (well, not quite), we are currently looking for a solid team player to join Daily Meaning as a PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT. If you have a passion in developing yourself while developing others, while spreading joy in doing it, we encourage you to apply.

What’s Daily Meaning about?

  • We are NOT a training vendor, but we are a strategic partner for organizations in developing their people. Our main focus is helping organizations to improve their capabilities and implementing change through learning & development programs.
  • In essence, we assist people to enhance him/herself and be fulfilled as an individual both in the professional life and day to day living. Apart from delivering learning & development programs (in house, public courses, and seminars), we also strive to develop people’s mindset and inspire others through columns in several printed / online media and other interactive media channels (Career Dialogue – a weekly program at Metro TV 811show, Cosmopolitan Career – a weekly radio talk show at Cosmopolitan FM and #blissipline program – an exclusive personal development program through the internet). For further information, please visit our website at www.dailymeaning.com

Who we are looking for?

  • An individual/professional with integrity who truly believes that work should be more than just a source of daily bread.
  • A mature person with a positive character who is eager to develop him/herself first before developing others. Critical thinking, curiosity, and intellectual humility are just some of the ‘must have’ attitudes we seek for in our candidates.
  • A talented person who plays a role as a strategic partner for organization in discussing the learning and development needs, and also takes position comfortably as a buddy coach for learning participants.
  • A hands-on professional who will be in charge from designing to executing the learning and development programs: from research, analysis, measurement and facilitating.
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and preferably to be fluent in English.
  • No experience necessary, though a minimum of 1-2 years experience in the people development area would be VERY nice.
  • Most importantly, someone who is passionate about life and can add new ‘colors’ to our team and organization.

What you will experience when joining our ‘family’?

  • Exposures to hands-on experiences working with different organizations including high level managements.
  • Exposures to different working experiences such as working with TV, Radio, Magazine, Internet-TV and many more.
  • Crash course on industrial, organizational and people development in your 1st year that will increase your employability score while working.
  • Challenging yet dynamic, close, fun and friendly working environment.
  • Attractive remuneration packages.

Curious? Interested? Intrigued? Please send your complete resume and recent photograph to: clovers@dailymeaning.com We are so looking forward to meeting you!

What are our experiences?

“Bergabung di Daily Meaning seperti masuk dalam keluarga baru. Dalam hubungan personal, ada keterbukaan, kehangatan, kepedulian, dan yang terpenting buat saya adalah respek yang begitu besar pada masing-masing individu. Warna yang ada pada masing-masing individu tidak berusaha untuk diseragamkan, melainkan dipoles sedemikian rupa sehingga warna yang ada bisa menonjol dengan cantiknya.

Sebagai profesional, saya didukung untuk bisa mengoptimalkan potensi yang ada, untuk terus berkembang. Ada masanya saya merasa rendah diri karena seringkali berbuat kesalahan untuk hal yang sebenarnya ‘kecil’. Namun yang saya dapatkan bukanlah punishment, melainkan dukungan untuk terus bisa belajar dari kesalahan. Hal ini yang membuat saya terpacu untuk terus memberikan yang terbaik ke dalam maupun ke luar Daily Meaning.”

– Adwinia Hapsari, Office Manager, @sari_adwinia

“First year in Daily Meaning is like a crash course into various areas of knowledge and skills. Facilitating skills is only one aspect of the total things that you can learn in the organization. You learn so much regarding organizational structures, industrial and organizational issues and challenges, skills in project management, critical thinking, professional lobbying, business acumen, and many more.

In your first year you get to see and learn so many interesting facts, findings, issues, and challenges faced in multiple organizations from across industries; banking, telecommunications, airlines, consulting / firm, FMCG, IT, among others. You will encounter key persons in large organizations, both local and multi-national, across levels, from staff, management, even to decision makers in the BOD level.

What is most interesting about Daily Meaning is not only about the prestige of the projects that we are currently handling for incredible organizations, but it is the value-driven, nurturing environment, and the family-like atmosphere. Everyone can be their selves in terms of style of communication and projecting their personal brand. Here, we have a truly inspirational leader and a solid and close-knit team that really cares and supports each other.

In a nutshell, up until this point, I have learned so much and I have seen myself and other team members progress significantly from where we were before we joined Daily Meaning. I am truly glad to be a part of this family, and whoever joins our family in the future will be very privileged to be a part of such a brilliantly growing organization.

I would really like to see Daily Meaning soar even higher than where it is now, and I am sure it will, because the possibilities are simply endless.

Thank you Daily Meaning for all the beautiful colors that you have added to me and in making me a better professional and a better person. Let us grow even more!”

– Bagus Rochadiat, Consultant, @BagusRochadiat

“Tujuan pertama saya ketika lulus kuliah adalah bekerja di sebuah kantor konsultan, dengan harapan dapat memperoleh banyak pembelajaran dalam membantu organisasi-organisasi lain. Namun, sebagai ‘FreshGrad’, untuk bekerja di perusahaan konsultan tentu tidak mudah. Namun, saya tetap bersikeras untuk mencoba mengirimkan aplikasi. Dari 3 kantor konsultan, hanya Daily Meaning yang menghubungi saya untuk megikuti tahap seleksi, dan Daily Meaning adalah perusahaan tempat wawancara kerja pertama saya. Melihat website dan ketika datang untuk menjalani seleksi, saya sudah jatuh hati dengan Daily Meaning, bukan hanya suasana kantornya yang sangat ‘homey’, tapi juga tim Daily Meaning yang sangat apa adanya, mengayomi, kekeluargaan, dan kredibilitas yang tidak perlu ditanyakan lagi.

Setelah menjalani proses yang cukup panjang, akhirnya diputuskan bahwa saya diterima di Daily Meaning sebagai seorang Analyst. Tidak perlu bingung dengan apa yang harus saya lakukan, karena bahkan sebelum hari pertama bekerja, peran dan tanggung jawab saya di organisasi ini sidah diterangkan dengan sangat jelas. Semuanya sesuai dengan pengharapan saya, dimana saya memperoleh banyak pembelajaran dari setiap permasalahan dan pekerjaan yang saya lakukan di Daily Meaning, tim yang sangat kolaboratif dan solid, serta suasana kerja yang sangat menyenangkan. For me, Daily Meaning is my Playground!!”

– Andika Pradipta, Analyst, @DikaPradipta

“I knew when I first opened the Daily Meaning’s website that this is going to be a different type of organization/consulting company. I wonder if they truly live as their values to have ‘work to be more than just a daily bread’. Within moments of meeting Bapak (Mas Alex) and Captain (Mas Bagus), I have fallen in love with the organization. Within weeks being in Daily Meaning, I felt like I’ve been there for years, because of the close camaraderie, trust, openness and ‘family’-like environment; it truly lives its values. Though I know we work really hard this year, faced with so many new challenges, there is something fulfilling to know that what we do matters – that we’re creating results and making impacts. Can one say that only after a few months in an organization? Well, I can. Plus, I learn so much – given so much empowering responsibilities, space for creativity and work with talented people I am proud to call my family. And while we’re on the road, I always miss the green walls, our wooden meeting tables, fresh plants, tiny fish and Ibu Okim’s morning snack at the office. Like my friend’s eloquently said when she visited our office: ‘I stopped by your playground today..’ – Daily Meaning is my playground where I play to contribute.”

– Aristiwidya, Consultant, @aristiwidya

  1. June 1, 2011 Reply

    Yes, I am very much eager to be part of People Development Consultant. I had definitely long experiences in Human Resources Development from different type of companies, such ad Government Institution, Joint Venture Bank, Private National Bank, Broadcasting Television (RCTI for a couple oh months, and State-Owned Enterprises. I am right now in the process for new profession trainer in Impactful Managing People, and start writing a new book, IMPACT(I-nner M-otivation and P-erformance ACT-ion)- a book like Foodcourt, which is many manues in it.

    Thus, for your consideration. Thank you.

    1. admin
      June 16, 2011 Reply

      Dear Mas Suwito Hadiatmojo,

      Terima kasih atas responnya. Silahkan mengirimkan CV ke email clovers@dailymeaning.com.

      Best Regards,
      Daily Meaning Team

  2. Inge
    June 15, 2011 Reply

    Dear Daily Meaning team,

    Hi, I’m Inge, I would like to ask whether you’re still searching for the people development consultant. Thank you!

    Kind regards

    1. admin
      June 16, 2011 Reply

      Dear Mbak Inge,

      Terima kasih atas responnya. Silahkan mengirimkan CV ke email clovers@dailymeaning.com.

      Best Regards,
      Daily Meaning Team

  3. vya
    September 26, 2011 Reply

    Apa masih dibuka kesempatan ini?
    Apakah saya yang masih amatir bisa ikut mencoba bergabung?

    1. admin
      September 26, 2011 Reply

      Dear Fiona,
      Silahkan mengirimkan CV ke email clovers@dailymeaning.com.

      Best Regards,
      Daily Meaning Team