Strengthening The FLY-HI Culture, Delivering The Best Garuda Indonesia Experience
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This class makes me have a better understanding of FLY-HI, know how to deal with tough cases in the future, and deliver the best Garuda Indonesia Experience

Lee Eun Young, International Flight Attendant from Korea

As part of the company’s effort in continuously improving its services to passengers, Garuda Indonesia introduced the distinctive concept of service called “Garuda Indonesia Experience”, which brings hospitality, culture, and everything best from Indonesia through five senses, namely sight, sound, taste, scent, and touch, to be implemented in the service of pre-journey, pre-flight, in-flight, post-flight, and post journey.

The best experience of Garuda Indonesia could consistently be sensed by the passengers only if Garuda Indonesia possesses such a strong culture that able to serve as a guide for the behavior of its employee.

The “Becoming The FLY HI Professional” program was specially developed by us to strengthen the FLY HI culture which given to 8 batches in 2010 for the International Flight Attendances from China, Korea, and Japan as well as for the local staff who came from all over Garuda Indonesia’s branch offices outside Indonesia.

The existing challenge is not only making the International Flight Attendants and Local Staff become aware of the existence of FLY-HI Culture, but growing sense of urgency and importance of why FLY-HI needs to be applied for making Garuda Indonesia Experience could be delivered to its passengers.

It is not about which procedures that need to be executed, but why it should be run, and what kind of best experience that could be delivered for the passengers


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