Strengthening Individual Competencies

Everyone is a leader. Be it for him/herself, team, department, organization and to a broader extent, for his/her own life. As leaders we have to be able to think and act strategically with optimal competencies.

Professional Credibility & Brand Image

What does it take to be a credible professional who stands out from the crowd?

Amid current challenge in the ever-changing job market, it takes a proper personal branding in order that credibility shine. How you want to be remembered determines what you need to do to shape your self-branding. This module focuses on key factors you need to pay attention the most to achieve the self-branding you aspire to, properly and positively.

Key Points:

• Strengthening your credibility by focusing on what you cause, not only what you do
• What others remember about you: Widen your impact in your team, department, and organization
• Giving added values to a more meaningful professional life

Strategic & Critical Thinking

Most people were hired at the first place because of their intelligence. However, entering real professional world does not necessarily translate into a continuous development of one’s intelligence and thinking capacity.

To move forward in front of others you need to strengthen your strategic and critical thinking in order to be able to provide not only data but also insights which others can use and benefit for the betterment of the team, department, and even organization.

Key Points:

• Mastering the way to convey your intellectual thinking
• Giving insights, not only data
• Understanding the bigger picture before getting into details
• Mapping the mind: What you know and what you still don’t know

Beyond Time Management

Time management might be the key many feel its efficacy in making their tasks more manageable. However, a lot of professionals still struggle with long work hour despite having been able to put things back in control.

Beyond Time Management takes you to unravel your ever-piling tasks in a mind-changing way that will help you take back control of your life, literally.

Key Points:

• Building the awareness of workload, time, and self-capacity in daily work
• Strengthening the ability to manage and prioritize tasks
• Maintaining your happiness level in personal and professional life

High Impact Communication

Communication is a classic subject everyone has been exposed to at least once in his/her life. Nevertheless, it remains a perennial challenge for many professionals, from executive to staff, across industries.

High Impact Communication takes you to the dynamics of communication and helps you figure out what really matters in communicating in order the other party not only understand you but also be moved by what you say.

Key Points:

• Understanding your current communication style and others
• Understanding how to communicate effectively with different types of personalities
• Real case practice in communicating in different types of work situation: Introducing self, selling ideas, answering questions, updating progress, asking for a favor, disagreeing, giving feedback, delivering bad news

Business Presentation

In presenting your ideas and thoughts, we not only have to master the presentation toolkits, but able to show the ownership from our presentation materials, and how we build partnership through presentation and create added values. The Business Presentation program is about creating an impactful presentation by strengthening the flow of mind, providing relevant facts & data, professional positioning in delivering the message and understanding the audience’s perspective.

Key Points:

•Ability to state and show the ‘keypoints’ to be remembered
•Ability to make others feel comfortable & willing to be our partner
•Ability to make others want to do what you say and take the action

Improving Team Performance

Team performance about how the professional can understand their roles in the organization, and the impact of their roles, to be able to contribute added values.

Bilateral Coaching & Counseling

As much as you want and try to make the work environment and collaboration with your leader or team enjoyable, there are times when things do not in a way you want it to be. However, that does not necessarily mean the end of the world.

You have the choice to keep work processes sound with your leader or team, through Bilateral Coaching & Counseling, because after all we are all different and we all have that space for improvement. A bilateral process accelerates it and in return, empower you and your leader or team.


Key Points:

• What you want vs What others want: Finding the shared concerns
• Giving an impactful feedback to empower others
• Grow together: a two-way learning process

Giving & Receiving Feedback

This course will support you in bringing to life the skills of how to give and receive feedback in a way that promotes a climate of trust, transparency and high performance. As well as being an important part of personal development, a strong feedback culture has been shown to help organizations to grow.


Key Points:

•Ability to give and receive feedback; that enhance personal, team, and organizational development
•Build culture of feedback in the team and organization

Becoming An Impactful Leader

As a professional, one of the essential things is how we can show the credibility and professionalism by being able to work efficiently & effectively. It should be more than just confidence, but how we can proactively propose innovative ideas, and contribute added values to stakeholders. The main purpose of this program is how professional can understand their roles in the organization, and the impact of their roles, to be able to contribute added values.

Key Points:

• Ability to work efficiently & effectively
• Ability to create sense of ownership at work
• Ability to contribute more added values to stakeholders

Leveraging Organizational Performance

Organizational performance not only comprises of the actual output, but also the whole journey and process, instead of merely riding the wave of change.

Professional Lobbying

How good are you in persuading other people? Changing people’s mind is definitely not easy and not everyone is good at influencing others. Lobbying is not about selling, but how we can align other’s concerns, wants and needs with our purpose. This module will be focusing on building the meaningful partnership and to be able to move people’s mind and heart through a very charming yet strategic process.


Key Points:

• Ability to build long-term partnership
• Ability to understand and see from other’s perspective.

Leading Change

As a people leader, successfully leading the team/organization is actually what is expected from you. However there are leaders who not only managed to do that, but also inspired actions for their team/organization to be better and lead the competition, instead of merely riding the wave of change.
Leading change challenges your leadership mindset and help you to not only become an effective and efficient leader, but also an inspiring one.


Key Points:

• Ability to become the business enabler that deliver competitive advantage
• Ability to inspire and lead the team

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