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Are you excited for creating significant changes through the power of people development?

Do you feel:

  • Passionate in facilitating learning process?
  • Enthusiastic about transforming organizational capabilities through their people?
  • Excited to learn continuously to be a better professional?
  • Having emergent leadership to take a lead and contribute added values?

If you feel the same as we do, Daily Meaning is looking for happy and credible professionals to join our team. You will be assigned as a PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT with descriptions below:

  • WHAT ARE YOU: formally, you will be a part of consultant team who holds critical roles as a credible discussion partner.
  • WHAT YOU DO: you will lead strategic meetings, design impactful learning programs, facilitate interactive learning process, and maintain partnership with clients.
  • WHAT YOU CAUSE: Empowering people to be more credible in their career journey and improving organizational performance through the added values given by the learning participants.

About Us

DAILY MEANING, as a people development consultant, has been in the field of people development since 2000. We work closely with companies in various industry such as Airlines, Telecommunication, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, FMCG, Energy, Automotive and Media.

As their STRATEGIC PARTNER, we strive to improve their organizational capabilities through our customized people development programs; centered on understanding the client’s needs and providing solutions for the people development issues. Our main focus is helping organizations to improve their capabilities and implementing change through learning & development programs.

The Daily Meaning family believes that the spirit to reach a state that is balanced and optimal should exist in the working life and day to day living. Whether it’s working on your desk (or couch), our surprise happy hour schedules, and even our daily dose of laughter; all of these elements are essential in delivering the best outcome in professional and personal being. Together, we aspire to be happier in enjoying the journey of our career and making choices in life, so that ultimately, work becomes more than just a source of daily bread.

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