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Aristiwidya Bramantika – a consultant in Daily Meaning – is passionate about life and growth. She believes that everyone can be inspired and empowered daily by themselves, their lives and one another to create their best life. This is why she is in people development.

She has been a keen consultant for the past 5 years, with expertise in Service Quality and development of Corporate Service Culture. She has been an infectious facilitator for the past 10 years, delivering workshops and working closely with over 50 organizations in multiple industries for all levels. She was a Banker for two years and has been a loving mentor for her peers all her life, teaching and sharing variety of topics. She puts the fun in learning fundamentals.

In Daily Meaning, continuously challenging her creativity and critical thinking, she is also responsible for the Beautiful Mind Project and the Happy and Healthy Culture of the Organization as a way to expand organizational impact within and outside the organization.

Her experience ranges from her Bachelor Degree (BSc) in Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to an Internationally Certified Ballroom Dancing Instructor and Professional Dancer. She is also a shoe-holic, a book junkie, a fanatical runner, an obsessive blogger and a prolific picture taker. She strives to live an infinite life.

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