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Credibility Profile Mapping

Edits on this page will not be reflected on the live page. To edit the CPM questionaire:

1. Please go to “Appearance >> Editor” menu on the left (part of wordpress admin menu) and find “Credibility Profile Mapping Page Template”. Edit as needed. For example: text and URLs to the images.

2. The files related to this CPM questionaire is located in the /en/cpm folder. Only one file resides in the wordpress template directory at /en/wp-content/themes/alchemist which is the template-credibility-profile-mapping.php file, which you can edit through step no. 1 above. A backup of this file is included in the /en/cpm/backup folder as well.

3. Any question you may have about this module, please contac Bowo at wibowo.sulistio@gmail.com, the person who coded this module.