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We work closely with you to deliver people development programs that are customized to your needs. We do not offer generic approaches, but rather programs tailored specifically to the current conditions in your organization.

This is achieved through close cooperation and interaction with you and members in your organization.


Learn more about the Modules here:

  • Professional Credibility

    What does it take to be a credible professional who stands out among the crowd?

    Amid current challenge in the ever-changing job market, it takes a proper personal branding in order that credibility to shine. How you want to be remembered determines what you need to do to shape your self-branding. This module focuses on key factors you need to pay attention the most to achieve the self-branding you aspire to, properly and positively.

    Key Discussion:
    • Strengthening your credibility by focusing on what you cause, not only what you do
    • What others remember about you: Widen your impact in your team, department, and organization
    • Giving added values for a more meaningful professional life

  • Business Ethics

    Everyone knows the importance of business ethics in professional life, alongside with skill and knowledge themselves. However not everyone has successfully master business ethics and implement it in the professional life on a daily basis.

    Without having proper business ethics, one might always be questioned by others about his/her integrity, despite his/her excellent work results.

    Key Discussion:
    • Between knowing and understanding: Embracing business ethics from a different perspective
    • Inspiring the doing: Becoming a role model of a professional with integrity

  • Working with Emotional Intelligence

    As a human being, we always struggle to keep our professional and personal lives in balance and not affecting each other. However, there are times when the situation is more challenging than usual and you need to put extra effort to make sure any problem from one life will not spill over the other.

    Working with Emotional Intelligence addresses your need for the awareness and skill to conquer such delicate matter.

    Key Discussion:
    • Emotional intelligence: The art of mastering yourself, before mastering others
    • Understanding the impact: What matters most and how to stay focused on it

  • Strengthening Your Strategic & Critical Thinking

    Most people were hired at the first place because of their intelligence. However, entering real professional world does not necessarily translate into a continuous development of one’s intelligence and thinking capacity.

    To move forward in front of others you need to strengthen your strategic and critical thinking in order to be able to provide not only data but also insights which others can use and benefit for the betterment of team, department, and even organization.

    Key Discussion:
    • Mastering the way to convey your intellectual thinking
    • Giving insights, not only data
    • Understanding the bigger picture before getting into details
    • Mapping the mind: What you know and what you still don’t know

  • Beyond Time Management

    Time management might be the key many feel its efficacy in making their tasks more manageable. However, a lot of prefessionals still struggle with long work hour despite having been able to put things back in control.

    Beyond Time Management takes you to unravel your ever-piling tasks in a mind-changing way that will help you take back control of your life, literally.

    Key Discussion:
    • Building the awareness of workload, time, and self-capacity in daily work
    • Strengthening the ability to manage and prioritize tasks
    • Maintaining your happiness level in personal and professional life

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

    Everyone is a leader. Be it for him/herself, team, department, organization and to a broader extent, for his/her own life. As leaders we all need to make decision constantly, and in many times we are faced with uneasy situation which makes decision making even harder.

    No one says it is an easy thing to do, though. However in this module we focus on what essential mindset and skills one must have to help him/her make better decisions, and mitigate the impact of each decision.

    Key Discussion:
    • Richer, deeper, wiser in decision making
    • A fair-minded professional: using intellectual qualities for a better decision

  • Project Management

    Time, resources, constraints, and people are some of the most critical factors in ensuring the success of a project. Hence it is crucial to master the skill to manage them, in order them not to engulf you.

    In Project Management we discuss what it takes to not only deliver a project effectively and efficiently, but also with a greater impact.

    Key Discussion:
    • Dissecting a project: Understanding the bigger picture and scrutizining the little details
    • Optimizing the resources: Moving from the opportunity you have, rather than merely the strength
    • Engaging your team to move together towards the same direction

  • High Impact Communication

    Communication is a classic subject everyone has been exposed to at least once in his/her life. Nevertheless it remains a perennial challenge for many professionals, from executive to staff, across industries.

    High Impact Communication takes you to the dynamics of communication and helps you figure out what really matters in comunicating in order the other party not only understand you but also be moved by what you say.

    Key Discussion:
    • Understanding your current communication style and others
    • Understanding how to communicate effectively with different types of personalities
    • Real case practice in communicating in different types of work situation: Introducing self, selling ideas, answering questions, updating progress, asking for a favor, diasgreeing, giving feedback, delivering bad news

  • Trust Based Collaboration

    There is no doubt that collaboration is crucial in delivering better results at work. However what kind of collaboration does actually work?

    Trust is another crucial thing in ensuring work an enjoyable and humanizing part of life. Put trust and collaboration together, the results would dramatically improve anything from work processes to outcomes.

    Key Discussion:
    • From dependent and independent into interdependent
    • Beyond teamwork: Collaboration that actually works

  • Bilateral Coaching & Counseling

    As much as you want and try to make the work environment and collaboration with your leader or team enjoyable, there are times when things go not in a way you want it to be. However, that does not necessarily mean the end of the world.

    You have the choice to keep work processes sound with your leader or team, through Bilateral Coaching & Counseling, because after all we are all different and we all have that space for improvement. A bilateral process accelerate it and in return, empower you and your leader or team.

    Key Discussion:
    • What you want vs What others want: Finding the shared concerns
    • Giving an impactful feedback to empower others
    • Grow together: a two-way learning process

  • Customer Care

    You will always have customers, be it internal or external, regardless your field of work. They create demand, which in turn creates the job you do now. However not everyone has fully embraced the importance of customer care and rather let it be handled by assigned customer care officers.

    To truly succeed in providing the best solution for your customers, we specifically designed this module to help you better understand what customer care really is about and what skills you need to master to be able to effectively and efficiently provide solutions for your customers.

    Key Discussion:
    • Customer care: beyond procedure
    • A charming partner: be genuine, appreciative, and enlightening
    • Beyond nice conversation: what really matters for your customers

  • Consultative Customer Service

    Mastering customer care is the first crucial step in becoming an impactful partner for your customers. Providing solution is one thing, but being able to become the person customers look for when they need consulting is another thing.

    Consultative Customer Service emphasizes on the mindset and skills you need to have to provide the thinking framework for customers to help them understand what they need in order both parties find the right button as a shared concern and come up with the most suitable solution.

    Key Discussion:
    • From doing job into providing thinking framework
    • Using your knowledge and experience in giving added values for customers
    • Real-case challenges in providing consultative solution

  • Professional Lobbying

    Participants : General
    Maximum Participants : 20 participants / class
    Duration : 2 days (@ 7 hours)

    Ketika mendengar kata-kata “lobbying”, yang biasanya langsung tersirat di pikiran adalah hal-hal yang berhubungan dengan networking, jualan, negosiasi termasuk ‘entertaining’ klien (baik via hadiah maupun jamuan). Ini yang menyebabkan banyak orang yang terjebak, karena belum memahami esensi dari lobbying.


    • Apa bedanya sekedar memberikan informasi dan terjadinya impact?
    • Apa bedanya antara sekedar memberikan data vs. informasi vs. knowledge?
    • Apa itu charm dan apa manfaatnya dalam me-lobby?
    • Paradigma seperti apa yang sebaiknya dibentuk sebelum mulai me-lobby?
    • Bagaimana lobbying ini dapat meningkatkan karir Anda?

    Dari memberikan kartu nama, berbicara dengan vendor, ‘meminta’ tolong, memberikan solusi – bagaimana cara yang paling efektif?

    Lobbying sangat erat hubungannya dengan:

    Partnership. – Menjadi seorang partner yang dapat menumbuhkan rasa partnership ketika berinteraksi dengan orang lain. Menjadi teman diskusi yang menyenangkan yang tidak hanya memfokuskan pembicaraan dari perspektif sendiri ataupun lawan bicara, tetapi juga perspektif/concern bersama. Walaupun berbeda latar belakang, jabatan maupun usia, seseorang bisa memposisikan diri sebagai seorang partner (tidak minder ataupun terlalu percaya diri) ketika Ia tidak hanya sekedar tahu tugas dan tanggung jawabnya tetapi juga peran yang Ia jalankan.

    Efisiensi dan efektifitas. – Yaitu tidak hanya sekedar mengatakan atau melakukan sesuatu tetapi benar-benar memikirkan dampak dari kata-kata maupun tindakannya. Proses melobby yang benar akan meningkatkan efisiensi dan efektifitas dengan terjadinya rasa percaya (trust) antara satu sama lain yang akan menurukan berbagai macam konflik pribadi dan office politic. Semuanya tergantung dari cara penyampaian dan bagaimana kita bisa membangun rasa percaya ini.

    Charm – Membuat orang lain merasa diistimewakan dengan tulus sehingga membuat hubungan yang diciptakan tersebut. Melobby tidak hanya sekedar meng’entertain’ ataupun membuat senang orang lain, tetapi bagaimana tetap bisa mendapatkan hasil sesuai dengan apa yang kita inginkan (what we want to accomplish) bukan dengan cara merendahkan orang lain, bukan dengan sekedar instruksi, bukan dengan ancaman tetapi dengan membuat orang lain merasa istimewa dan merangsang ‘engagement

    Hal-hal yang didiskusikan di dalam kelas adalah sebagai berikut:

    The Professional Networking
    • Networking in the 21st century
    • Professional positioning in lobbying
    • Transactional vs. long term relationship

    Climbing the Relationship Pyramid
    • Building a positive relationship – it’s a two way street
    • The power of mutual trust and respect
    • The relationship with customers is not the sum of the transactions
    • Providing value beyond your products and service
    • Attitude and other obstacles to build relationships

    Improving Your Networking Skills
    • It’s not what you know – it’s what you do
    • It’s a small world after all – connect yourself
    • Use the power of online social networks

    The Power of Charm
    • Mastering the four skills of emotional intelligence
    • The power of emotional intelligence, professional attitude , and charm in building social network
    • The Beautiful Mind

    High Impact Dialogues
    • Enhancing your social confidence
    • Talking diplomatically and strategy to move minds
    • The four universal social gifts: appreciation, connection, elevation, and enlightment

    Real Case Study

    • Sharing sessions with corporate clients and practicioners in lobbying (video clips) + recorded role play sessions of
    • Brainstorming and discussion
    • Commitment and action plan

  • Strengthening Your Adversity Quotient

    In a challenging job market like today those who dare to step up and take challenges are usually the ones favored by managers and executives. However, not all of them have adequate adversity quotient which measures how many challenges and pressure they can take.

    Strengthening Your Adversity Quotient focuses on improving yourself to be able to face harder challenges by optimizing the control you have in your hand.

    Key Discussion:
    • Locus of control: focus on what you can do, instead of what you cannot
    • Focusing on opportunities, not problems

  • Stress Management

    The higher the ladder, the tougher the challenge. The more experienced you are, the more responsibility you carry. Undoubtedly stress is an integral by-product of a challenging professional life. Some have been successful in managing it, many have not.

    Stress Management encompasses the discussions on what mindset, attitude, and skill you must have to be able to successfully manage stress and make them propell yourself into a better you.

    Key Discussion:
    • Understanding you: identifying things that can make you stressed out and the root cause of them
    • Addressing the root cause of your stress by assest-based thinking
    • Understanding the impact of your reaction and how to create better impact for your stakeholders

  • Leading Change

    As a manager/executive, successfully leading your team/organization is actually what is expected from you. However there are leaders who not only managed to do that, but also inspired actions for their team/organization to be better and lead the competition, instead of merely riding the wave of change.

    Leading Change challenges your leadership mindset and helps you to not only become an effective and efficient leader, but also an inspiring one.

    Key Discussion:
    • Being good is not enough: What it takes to be great
    • Becoming a business enabler, not only job taker or business resource