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Broaden Our Way of Thinking

It’s been a great pleasure to me, to express in words a short Testimony what we have learned in “Daily Meaning”.

As you may be aware, in last February 2010, I was lucky amongst some colleagues of Marketing and Sales Managers of Garuda Indonesia, joined the Second Group of “Sales Preneuring Workshop” in Garuda Indonesia Training Center, Duri Kosambi – Jakarta, whilst one those materials, given by The Daily Meaning Team.

Like its name, “Daily Meaning” taught us  a very simple way, like what we always do in our daily activities and could enlarge and broaden our way of thinking and of course could be easily implemented in our Marketing and Sales Team at the office.

We’re not learning according to book only, but practically also, such as a Salsa dance as one of the activities. (more…)

Praktis, Sederhana, Dampak Yang Besar

Daily Meaning memang pilihan tepat utk urusan People Development. Pengajaran yg praktis, sederhana namun tepat sasaran & memiliki dampak yg besar bagi individu maupun perusahaan. Truly ? fresh inspiration! Bravo!

Anggia Theodora
Human Capital Analyst
PT.Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk

Embrace the meaning of the words ‘learning’, ‘change’ and ‘personal leadership’

With their cutting edge, yet personal approach in every workshop, the Daily Meaning team has helped our organization to positively embrace the meaning of the words ‘learning’, ‘change’ and ‘personal leadership’.

Those three powerful words have transformed many people within our organization to improve their work performance to the expected level of efficiency and effectivity. Thank you for such a fruitful partnership. Look forward to have many more ‘new meaning’ in this year to come.

Christine Nisrina
Head of Organization and Leadership Development
Human Resources  – Citi Indonesia

Simple, Smart, Entertaining

Daily meaning memberikan kontribusi yang nyata melalui pendekatan yang simple, smart and entertaining. Intisari dari setiap materinya sangat applicable dan memberikan inspirasi baru yang sekiranya dapat membuka wawasan dan paradigma dalam kehidupan profesionalisme pendengarnya. A must attend for all professional.

Adhitya D Sunur
Business Manager
PT JobsDB Indonesia

Nuansa Yang Berbeda

Sebagai mitra dalam program inhouse training, Daily Meaning mampu memberikan “nuansa” yang berbeda dalam penyampaian materi, sehingga peserta lebih mudah mengkaitkan antara konsep/metode dengan tugas/pekerjaannya.

Ellis Gamalia
SM Corp Culture Management
PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.