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The Milestones

Daily Meaning’s first office was located in Rumah Ilalang, Alexander’s very own artistic home. There existed a small office space where the founder can work as freely as possible. Very often, working hours start early in the morning, without having taken a bath. Some days, under a shady mango tree, accompanied by a small plate of banana cheese fritters, various learning and development programs were developed.

Though comforting and conducive, after a year had passed, the schedule between delivering workshops became more tight and the long distance between Rumah Ilalang to Daily Meaning’s destinations became time consuming and inefficient. Compromise had to be made to move into a new office location that was closer to the city center.

Luckily, an office space was available in Kemang, of which was very suited with the needs of Daily Meaning. On Saturday, the 1st of March 2008, Daily Meaning’s official opening was held on the 2nd floor of Wisma Surya Kemang. The ceremony and the cutting of tumpeng opened a new chapter in the journey of Daily Meaning.