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The Clover, The Clovers

The 3 leafed clover, has become the icon of Daily Meaning that symbolizes the core value of the organization, which is the spirit to reach a state that is balanced and optimal. Daily Meaning believes that this should exist in the working life and day to day living.

The spirit has made the selection of a new team member a very meticulous process. Those who have become a part of the organization must be ’clovers’ who share the same passion. Astra Ayuningputri joined Daily Meaning not long before the grand opening of the Kemang office, while Bagus Rochadiat added a new color to the team six months later.

The spirit of balance is continuosly sought after by Alexander and his team. It is important for Alexander to ensure that each member completes reading certain books within an agreed time frame. To the organization, developing one’s self is similarly important as delivering an impactful training program.

In the future, Daily Meaning aspires to share this spirit consistently with those who have collaborated and partnered with the team. Until Today, Alexander still personally replies emails by participants who had completed a program with Daily Meaning.

Through the Clovers, Alexander wishes to sow the seed that is the core value of Daily Meaning. He hopes that the planted seed will sprout in other people, assisting them to reach their own optimal state. Furthermore, he aspires to see professionals becoming happier in working, developing a career, and making choices in life, so that ultimately, work becomes more than just a source of daily bread.