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The brand, The soul

When building the company, a very crucial step that needed to be completed was deciding the brand. To Alexander this was fundamental and needed to be chosen carefully, as it will reflect what kind of soul the organization will have. Even during the first few weeks, picking the ideal name dominated Alexander’s main agenda. ‘Mind the Gap’ was considered an option, only to be turned down because it sounded more like a signage than a company. Alexander went as far as considering a Sanskrit name for the soon-to-be consultancy. After a series of conversations and discussions with different people, one evening in April 2007, with a smile of a champion, Alexander proudly announced that Daily Meaning was the official name of the company.

An uncommon name, especially for an institution that works in the Human Resources area. Even the tagline “when work should be more than just a source of daily bread”, was scrupulously constructed alongside with the philosophies behind it. Essentially, through Daily Meaning, Alexander wishes that his ‘buddies’ will find a more complete understanding and discover a deeper meaning behind work and building a career.