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Simplicity, Comfort

Everyone who’s been to Rumah Ilalang would agree that Alexander is indeed an appreciator of art & design. The cool, tiny office corner in Rumah Ilalang is simply appealing. Even then, the interior of the new office space in Kemang felt as homey and comforting as that in Rumah Ilalang. The simplicity, comfort, and lack of pretention could be felt even before entering through the glass door.

When walking into the office, there will be no receptionist ushering you in. Only the soothing lime green color and a comfy sofa awaits in the reception. A hanging picture of Alexander in front of his laptop with Kay, (his beloved little nephew) sleeping in his arms was simple, emotional, and conveys a very deep message. Something that is strengthened by the Daily Meaning tagline written below the picture.

The same notion is conveyed by the arrangement of the office and other physical attributes around the place. For instance, the office area was designed to facilitate synergy and to nurture cohesion among team members. By this, everyone shares a table, regardless of their job title. Office desks without dividers enable team members to communicate efficiently and transparently. Moreover, a long comfortable sofa is provided for anyone who needs to discuss issues or read books comfortably.

The simplicity concept has been implemented consistently since the beginning. A small example, the century gothic font was not chosen by random, but rather for its sheer simplicity. Furthermore, the design of signages, certificates for workshop participants, and business cards, was constructed with that concept in mind.

One unique aspect is that in the business cards of every Daily Meaning team member, you will not find a job title, even for Alexander as the founder. The reason behind is that everone has their own contribution towards a shared goal. In addition, Daily Meaning believes that what differentiates someone from others, is not the qualification or job title, but rather the values that he/she upholds and the added value that he/she brings to others.