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by elsa christine

Daily Meaning sprouted from endless whys and ifs in the heart of Alexander Sriewijono.

During the painstaking years spent in the consulting world, his consistency in positioning himself as a ‘discussion buddy’ became a recurring idea that was shared to many people. Having dealt with a variety of assignments and projects in different organizations enriched his horizon about the dynamics behind corporate walls. From those same projects and interactions with people from different organizations and backgrounds, he found that many working individuals felt unhappy and struggled with the perpetual question: what are we looking for?

In 2005 and 2006, Alexander’s schedule was constantly filled with delivering sessions, even during weekends. He switched roles between that of a consultant, guess lecturer, host for a weekly held talk show on TV and radio, and jury for certain competitions and pageants. Even then, he still maintains his role as a loving and caring uncle who spares what is left of his time for his beloved niece and nephew, Zoe and Kay.

Almost having no time for himself, he actually had a choice to enjoy whatever he had achieved at that time. However, the millions of questions in his mind, had given him an epiphany that he must contribute more to others. Soon after, empowering and inspiring others became a passion and tremendous source of energy to him.

Even with juggling activities that were arduous and endless, he stood tall to his conviction to channel this remarkable passion and bring value to others. Beginning of 2007, he planted the seed that became Daily Meaning.