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  • Daily Meaning sprouted from endless whys and ifs in the heart of Alexander Sriewijono.

    During the painstaking years spent in the consulting world, his consistency in positioning himself as a ‘discussion buddy’ became a recurring idea that was shared to many people. Having dealt with a variety of assignments and projects in different organizations enriched his horizon about the dynamics behind corporate walls. From those same projects and interactions with people from different organizations and backgrounds, he found that many working individuals felt unhappy and struggled with the perpetual question: what are we looking for?

    In 2005 and 2006, Alexander’s schedule was constantly filled with delivering sessions, even during weekends. He switched roles between that of a consultant, guess lecturer, host for a weekly held talk show on TV and radio, and jury for certain competitions and pageants. Even then, he still maintains his role as a loving and caring uncle who spares what is left of his time for his beloved niece and nephew, Zoe and Kay.

    Almost having no time for himself, he actually had a choice to enjoy whatever he had achieved at that time. However, the millions of questions in his mind, had given him an epiphany that he must contribute more to others. Soon after, empowering and inspiring others became a passion and tremendous source of energy to him.

    Even with juggling activities that were arduous and endless, he stood tall to his conviction to channel this remarkable passion and bring value to others. Beginning of 2007, he planted the seed that became Daily Meaning.

  • When building the company, a very crucial step that needed to be completed was deciding the brand. To Alexander this was fundamental and needed to be chosen carefully, as it will reflect what kind of soul the organization will have. Even during the first few weeks, picking the ideal name dominated Alexander’s main agenda. ‘Mind the Gap’ was considered an option, only to be turned down because it sounded more like a signage than a company. Alexander went as far as considering a Sanskrit name for the soon-to-be consultancy. After a series of conversations and discussions with different people, one evening in April 2007, with a smile of a champion, Alexander proudly announced that Daily Meaning was the official name of the company.

    An uncommon name, especially for an institution that works in the Human Resources area. Even the tagline “when work should be more than just a source of daily bread”, was scrupulously constructed alongside with the philosophies behind it. Essentially, through Daily Meaning, Alexander wishes that his ‘buddies’ will find a more complete understanding and discover a deeper meaning behind work and building a career.

  • Daily Meaning’s first office was located in Rumah Ilalang, Alexander’s very own artistic home. There existed a small office space where the founder can work as freely as possible. Very often, working hours start early in the morning, without having taken a bath. Some days, under a shady mango tree, accompanied by a small plate of banana cheese fritters, various learning and development programs were developed.

    Though comforting and conducive, after a year had passed, the schedule between delivering workshops became more tight and the long distance between Rumah Ilalang to Daily Meaning’s destinations became time consuming and inefficient. Compromise had to be made to move into a new office location that was closer to the city center.

    Luckily, an office space was available in Kemang, of which was very suited with the needs of Daily Meaning. On Saturday, the 1st of March 2008, Daily Meaning’s official opening was held on the 2nd floor of Wisma Surya Kemang. The ceremony and the cutting of tumpeng opened a new chapter in the journey of Daily Meaning.

  • Everyone who’s been to Rumah Ilalang would agree that Alexander is indeed an appreciator of art & design. The cool, tiny office corner in Rumah Ilalang is simply appealing. Even then, the interior of the new office space in Kemang felt as homey and comforting as that in Rumah Ilalang. The simplicity, comfort, and lack of pretention could be felt even before entering through the glass door.

    When walking into the office, there will be no receptionist ushering you in. Only the soothing lime green color and a comfy sofa awaits in the reception. A hanging picture of Alexander in front of his laptop with Kay, (his beloved little nephew) sleeping in his arms was simple, emotional, and conveys a very deep message. Something that is strengthened by the Daily Meaning tagline written below the picture.

    The same notion is conveyed by the arrangement of the office and other physical attributes around the place. For instance, the office area was designed to facilitate synergy and to nurture cohesion among team members. By this, everyone shares a table, regardless of their job title. Office desks without dividers enable team members to communicate efficiently and transparently. Moreover, a long comfortable sofa is provided for anyone who needs to discuss issues or read books comfortably.

    The simplicity concept has been implemented consistently since the beginning. A small example, the century gothic font was not chosen by random, but rather for its sheer simplicity. Furthermore, the design of signages, certificates for workshop participants, and business cards, was constructed with that concept in mind.

    One unique aspect is that in the business cards of every Daily Meaning team member, you will not find a job title, even for Alexander as the founder. The reason behind is that everone has their own contribution towards a shared goal. In addition, Daily Meaning believes that what differentiates someone from others, is not the qualification or job title, but rather the values that he/she upholds and the added value that he/she brings to others.

  • The 3 leafed clover, has become the icon of Daily Meaning that symbolizes the core value of the organization, which is the spirit to reach a state that is balanced and optimal. Daily Meaning believes that this should exist in the working life and day to day living.

    The spirit has made the selection of a new team member a very meticulous process. Those who have become a part of the organization must be ’clovers’ who share the same passion. Astra Ayuningputri joined Daily Meaning not long before the grand opening of the Kemang office, while Bagus Rochadiat added a new color to the team six months later.

    The spirit of balance is continuosly sought after by Alexander and his team. It is important for Alexander to ensure that each member completes reading certain books within an agreed time frame. To the organization, developing one’s self is similarly important as delivering an impactful training program.

    In the future, Daily Meaning aspires to share this spirit consistently with those who have collaborated and partnered with the team. Until Today, Alexander still personally replies emails by participants who had completed a program with Daily Meaning.

    Through the Clovers, Alexander wishes to sow the seed that is the core value of Daily Meaning. He hopes that the planted seed will sprout in other people, assisting them to reach their own optimal state. Furthermore, he aspires to see professionals becoming happier in working, developing a career, and making choices in life, so that ultimately, work becomes more than just a source of daily bread.