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Marcellina Adinda Dwiarie is an Analyst in Daily Meaning. She obtained her Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Padjadjaran University with cum laude predicate. Being so passionate in people development, she was actively involved in many trainings and learning activities while in college.

She is interested in facilitating learning process. She loves helping people to develop and achieve their full potential. During her college years, she was trusted to be the President of student self-development program and organization. She also had experiences working in some projects as tester, observer, and interviewer for psychological testing and as facilitator for some training. From these experiences, she learned how to explore learning needs and conduct a learning process.

As a lifelong learner, she believes that life is the school itself where learning can be gained from anything, anywhere, and anytime. She enjoys her spare time with reading books and watching movies. She likes taking her time alone or having meaningful conversation with friends and family at a nice café. For her, all these things help her to gain more knowledge and inspiration.